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Update June 5 Hearing

Well I was wrong. The judge terminated services for the bio parents. We now have 120 days to wait for the Termination of Parental Rights hearing.
In a way, I’m now even more afraid. Does it make sense that I’m terrified that a family member is suddenly going to say “whoa, the state is serious, I’d better step in and do something now”.

In a way I also feel guilty and sad for her bio parents. Her dad especially. I think it’s because I’ve actually met him, and meeting him has made him a real person and not just an idea or a thought. He is real and he is suffering. I know this and I am empathetic.

But at the same time I am in love and I am selfish and I want this little girl to be a part of my forever family.

I will continue to pray that this all works out for us. We love her so incredibly much.

May 8 Hearing

1) bio parents were given a 1 month extension to be tested for drugs. This supposedly is a common tactic to buy more time. Drugs aren’t really an issue in this case, the issue is neglect, competency, living in squalor and/or being homeless and a complete disregard for any case plan that was made.
2) bio mom claims to be moving out of state in 2 weeks to live with her mother, who was deemed unfit as a placement. It is my understanding that if she moves she is forfeiting her services, as the county will not pay for services if she is not residing in the county. Logical.
3) neither parent has a job. Both are homeless.
4) bio mom is leaving bio dad behind. An obvious disconnect.
5) parents did not ask after her well-being. Mom did not ask for visit before her “move”.
6) both parents were quite casual and not overly concerned with the proceedings.
What does all of this mean? I don’t know, really. I wish i did..