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Feeling Like I Live at the Doctor’s Office and Other Random Thoughts

I have my first therapy appointment on Friday to work on dealing with this whole infertility/miscarriage issue. Then, on Monday, I have a 9am appointment with my regular doctor to see if we need to up my anti-depressant doseage. From there I have a 10:30am appointment with my OB/GYN to make sure that everything is ok on *ahem* that end before we move on to another cycle.

On Tuesday, I get to hop on a plane and fly off to Hawaii. I am SO EXCITED. The level of stress this trip was bringing me is beginning to lessen as the trip gets closer. I want to get out of here so bad. I will be gone for seven days, Tuesday to Tuesday. I refuse to worry about money, or taking money away from my FET fund in order to go on this trip. I will have a good time with my family. I will NOT stress.

On Wednesday, the day after we get back I will wake up, drop my son off at school, and head to the REs office for the sonohystogram that I just scheduled today. I seriously feel like I go to the doctor more than anybody. Ever. I may actually be starting to develop a complex over it. Thats how much I go to the doctor…Just wait until I add in the acupuncture appointments, which I plan on doing just as soon as we’re back from vacation.

I have also been trying harder to eat gluten free. This whole endometriosis diet is SO hard to do though! I know it’ll be worth it, but there are so many things that you CAN’T eat, It’s hard to remember! I went to El Pollo Loco today and got a salad that basically just had lettuce, tomato and avocado on it, with a little bit of cojita cheese. (I think dairy will be the last thing I give up, I’m saddest about that). I also ordered a soft taco on a corn tortilla, because I was afraid that a plate of lettuce smothered in mild salsa wouldn’t be satisfying and I didn’t want to find myself looking for a snack before dinner. Well I ordered a STEAK taco, and was 1/2 way done eating it before I realized that I’m not supposed to be eating RED MEAT!!! UGH!! Oh well I guess its okay though, as I eat red meat very infrequently as it is. Not even once a week, often times even less than that. But still. It is by far the hardest diet in the world to follow, especially when you are on the go and starving. I will definately need to become one of those people who makes all thier meals on Sundays and freezes them to eat throughout the week. Thats the only way I can see making this work. So anyway, for right now I guess I’m really just trying to go gluten and sugar free, the red meat will follow, and then finally dairy. =(

I went to the dentist yesterday and had my bite fixed finally. OH MY GOODNESS. You have no idea how good it feels to have be able to close my jaw all the way. My excruciating headache went to a dull throb within minutes of having it fixed, and now the pain is gone.

Well thats about all that is going on with me…I want to wish good luck and send prayers out to a couple of people whos blogs I have been reading, who have quite a bit going on right now. Hopefully you know who you are. I will be thinking of you!