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Black Friday Winnings and Other Stuff

I am so excited for this blog award thing going around because I love being introduced to new people! Once things settle down I have some serious reading to do!

I am sitting at the hospital with my sister in the waiting room. The last half hour before mom’s next dose of pain meds is rough and she just wants to be alone. A bit selfishly, I would like to head home. However, I will stay for my sister so that she has a bit more time to visit.
What I’d really like to be doing is going on a run and working on these ginormous thighs that two weeks of sitting and cafeteria food have given me. I feel disgusting physically and my pants are becoming a tad too snug. I can not diet, but I need to do something before I actually grow out of them. I have gained far too much weight since I started this ART process way back when.

In completely unrelated news, husband won $500 from a scratcher at Sports Authority on black Friday. FREE TRAMPOLINE!!! I couldn’t believe his luck. We are the people that never win anything. So the kids “big” gift is taken care of and not a dime spent. LOVE IT!

On the fertility front I’m up to 4mg estrace a day and can’t remember if I took my folic acid and aspirin this morning. Do I re-dose just in case or skip it?! Same ole boring symptoms, cervical mucous and acne mostly. Breasts starting to become a bit sore.

Hope all is well out there with all of you! Thank you all for your kind words and support!

FET Cycle Day 1

  • Woke up feeling bloaty and gassy. Damn you pre-natal vitamins.
  • Got up and got together supplies for first Lupron dose.
  • Marveled at the fact that I have 3 vials of meds from pharmacy rather than a million like with the fresh cycle. It ALREADY seems less stressful just for that reason.
  • Laid on bed icing stomach. Laughed about the “belly shot” I was about to get because it is far different from the “belly shots” that the Jersey Shore and Real World cast members do on top of bars on Friday and Saturday nights. Laughed more because I am funny.
  • Read celebrity news on iphone to distract myself from being stuck. Became angry that first article read while being stuck was about Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar having their 20th child. Decided that Jim-Bob and Michelle are taking this whole “Go forward and multiply and replenish the earth” thing a bit too literally. G-d was not speaking only to them. He did not say, Jim-Bob and Michelle, it is up to you and only you to replenish this earth. He meant everyone.
  • Felt sick to stomach appx 15 minutes later, but can’t definitively say that it was from the Lupron, as was already bloaty from pre-natals and sick over the Duggars. Could have been a coincidence.
  • Still feel a little bit sick to stomach but am hungry so that could be it.
  • I am going to keep a log of all of my medication symptoms here, so if you are afraid of TMI, you might wanna steer clear for the next few weeks or so. I didn’t keep a record of my IVF medication or pregnancy symptoms and I want to do it this time. It might just help me when I get into the 2ww and am asking my husband, “Did I feel like this BEFORE the transfer?!”

I Hope this is true!!!

Well I finally got on to Pinterest so now I have something to do to fill in the time when I am not blogging or looking at Twitter. Yay me! I am excited to have fun things to look at and one more thing to distract me from everything going on. I am still feeling pretty calm at the moment. Still in a “I can’t control the situation, just go with it” type of mind-set. I hope it stays this way, but I know myself and my staying calm is a lot to ask for. I will freak out eventually, I am sure.  Sooner rather than later.

Another thing that I’ve decided is to keep this cycle quiet. I know there are a few people who follow me that know me in “real life”. That is fine. Keep your mouth shut. My mom was aware that I was considering a cycle this month but doesn’t know that I have started. I didn’t even know I was going to until yesterday. I am going to tell her though, if for no other reason than that we have to spend a total of 12 hours in a car together in 2 weeks and she might be wondering what happened to her daughter and why there is a hormone crazed lunatic in the seat beside her. I don’t think that I will really tell any friends and I don’t want to tell any other family members. Last time even my grandparents found out (thanks mom!) and it was just too much having them know what I did and that I miscarried. My grandfather is much too soft-hearted to deal with things like his oldest grand-daughter being infertile and having to go through IVF and a miscarriage. It made me feel that much more disappointed. And other family members that knew and stuff, well I know they didn’t know what to say the next time they saw me and I knew that they were all thinking about it and feeling bad for me by the looks on their faces. I don’t want that. I don’t want to have to keep saying “It’s all right, it happens”, when people tell me they are sorry for my loss.  I haven’t told my dad yet either, which is weird because I see him every day. But after the miscarriage his pep talk was, “it’s not meant to be, move on”. So I kinda got the feeling he didn’t think I should give it another try. I don’t know for sure if that’s the case but I just don’t feel like dealing with that right now.

I have also decided to skip the acupuncture this time around. I hope that I don’t regret it, but at the same time, acupuncture GIVES me anxiety. I have the opposite reaction to it. And again, its not the needles, its the laying there. And the finding the time to make an appointment. And the thinking about everything I should be doing while I am laying there.  So I think I’ll save myself that worry.

Either way. So ya. Today is day 1 of this cycle, with an end date of hopefully 12/7. Like I said, we may get into the TMI area, so I understand if you can’t hang. But if you can, I’d love to have you along for the ride. The good and bad.

*Head is feeling all pressure-y

*Feeling queasy, but most likely from hunger and/or prenatals.