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Books, Books, Books

I am one to judge a book by it’s cover. Literally. I am drawn to books that are visually enticing. I chose them by the jacket color, the illustration, the size, the number of pages. As an avid reader, I also like to physically see the book so that I know whether or not I have read it. Owning a Nook makes it difficult for me to select my reads. So much more convenient than trying to load up the kids and go to the book store. Better than trying to make a selection with the seven year old yelling “but mooom, over here!”
But still, I find it difficult.
Recently I selected the novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I had never read her work before and had no idea that this was actually her third book. The story of a missing wife and a failing marriage and how the husband looks increasingly guilty as the investigation wears on. I LOVED it. Well written, impossible to guess, and completely captivating.

After reading Gone Girl I went back to search other novels by Flynn. My next selection was Dark Places.

A woman confronting her past, looking for answers regarding the mid-night slayings of her mother and two sisters. Again, amazing!


This morning during nap time I finished up Sharp Objects, which was actually Flynn’s debut novel. Again, I couldn’t put it down. Completely captivating.


It’s not often that I hit upon an author that I can’t get enough of. One that is so captivating that I could devour an entire novel in one sitting. (If I had endless alone time and nothing to do.)

My only regret in reading these three novels so quickly is that I am finished, and there are no more. We definitely need another Gillian Flynn book!