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Crafty Craft Crafting!

Good evening all!
I thought I’d check in and share a little crafty craft project I’ve been working on tonight.
I found the idea on Pinterest
a few days ago. It seemed brilliant, as I can never seem to find light switch plates that fit, that I like, or that don’t cost a ton.

So here we go.
All you need is:
1) Scracpbook paper
2) Mod Podge (I chose gloss)
3) Foam brush (sponge)
4) Exacto knife

Pretty easy right?

First, remove your light switch plate, place on wrong side of paper and trace, then, cut out.


Next, spread Mod Podge on plate switch AND wrong side of paper with a sponge brush.



Flip over and use one coat of Mod Podge. Let dry a little.
Then, take your Exacto knife and cut the outlet or switch holes.


Then, continue to add layers of Mod Podge, letting dry a bit between each layer.

This is my almost finished plate. I still need to work on the edges and apply a few more coats, but so far so good!