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FET Cycle Day 3

Starting to feel better. I think that the side effects areĀ beginning to lessen, and I hope it stays that way. Last night I was very uncomfortable in my own skin and hadĀ  a tough time sleeping, but I woke up feeling ok this morning and am still feeling fairly normal.

I did my first unsupervised shot this morning and let me tell ya, I’m already a pro! The trick is icing the site for a minute or two. I can’t feel a thing. I also find it interesting that I am so used to being stuck, I didnt even get all gaggy watching the needle go in to my skin. If anything this whole mess has definitely helped to alleviate some of my doctor related phobias! Surgeries? Who cares! Anasthesia? It’s cool. Needles? Blah. Paps? Whatever. Internal ultrasounds? Bor-ing.

So now I think that I am going to go through this gluten and sugar free cookbook I’ve got and make a run to the grocery store and stock up..I am being so bad with my eating. I am gaining unnecessary weight. I hate it, but at the same time I just don’t care. But I need to care and I need to eliminate this crap from my diet instead of being all half-assed about it. It’s wonderful if I follow it for my daytime meals but it means nothing if we come home and I end up having pizza and a piece of cake. Or sliders, or pizza again. Yea, as you can see I’ve been quite gluttonous this week. ugh.


FET Cycle Day 2

Most common Lupron side effects:

Constipation; dizziness; general body pain; headache; hot flashes; loss of appetite; nausea or vomiting; stuffy nose; trouble sleeping; weakness.

Really? I might just get a headache? And by the way, this list proves that I’m not nuts. I didn’t even know that “general body pain” was a thing. But I have it. I have EVERYTHING.

I’m still on the calm side though. I haven’t even been googling, which is unheard of for me. I should be reading forums and medical journals and case studies. But for some reason I’m not. I’m waiting for the crazy. It has to be coming. I am an anxious, crazy person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that I feel this way, but this is not “normal” for me.

I did an injection myself this morning. First time ever. Husband’s schedule is just to all over the place to depend on him being available to stick me at 7:30 every morning. He was with me in case I freaked out or froze, but I did good. The girl who used to get dizzy and vomity at the sight of a needle shot herself in the belly this morning. We’ve come along way.

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. I spent it at the bowling alley watching husbands team, pretending to drink a glass of wine. I now know that there is a reason I don’t go to Husband’s league night. SO. BORING. He really over sold me in how much fun it would be. It wasn’t fun. And It was dorky but not dorky enough to make total fun of, so I didn’t even have that.
And being that I was on a Lupron high, (or low depending on your point of view) I really just wanted to be in the bath tub with a book. But it was nice of him to allow me in to his “guys night” fold. (Although I think I was the one doing the favor!)

Anywho, on to day 3!