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We’ve had this insane fly problem for like three days now. No idea why. The trash is in a cupboard and is not overflowing. The doors are closed. There are no dishes piled in my sink. We just have flies.

So this morning, after hanging fly tape last night and catching about four, I decided I needed to take some serious action. I got online and googled “how to kill house flies.” Hundreds of sites popped up, and so I set about making home made fly traps with my son.

The first, a jar filled with water, white sugar, brown sugar, and mashed banana, all things flies are sure to be attracted to, only worked if we took the lid off, let a fly in, snapped the lid on and swished him into the substance. VERY time consuming and only fun for the kid for about 10 minutes.


The second, simple enough, cut off the bottom portion of a water bottle and add apple cider vinegar and sugar. It didn’t work.


So then upon checking more sites I found one that said to spray the fly with hairspray, making it unable to fly, and then vacuum it up with the hose attachment.
And so I armed the kid with a can of hairspray, got out the vacuum attachment, and instructed him to start spraying on my word, “GO!”


Well I’m proud to say that the house is now pretty much fly free, and A wants to be an exterminator when he grows up.



And now I most go mop the floors and clean the window sills and wrangle the can of hairspray away from the kid!