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Muffin Tin Experiments

This morning I’m off to to stock up. I’m also going to try making muffin tin breakfasts to freeze and have on hand. School will be starting soon and I’d like to have a number of healthy breakfasts on hand.

Does anybody do this? Have any recipes? They don’t have to be breakfast, just easily frozen and healthy!

Crafty Craft Crafting!

Good evening all!
I thought I’d check in and share a little crafty craft project I’ve been working on tonight.
I found the idea on Pinterest
a few days ago. It seemed brilliant, as I can never seem to find light switch plates that fit, that I like, or that don’t cost a ton.

So here we go.
All you need is:
1) Scracpbook paper
2) Mod Podge (I chose gloss)
3) Foam brush (sponge)
4) Exacto knife

Pretty easy right?

First, remove your light switch plate, place on wrong side of paper and trace, then, cut out.


Next, spread Mod Podge on plate switch AND wrong side of paper with a sponge brush.



Flip over and use one coat of Mod Podge. Let dry a little.
Then, take your Exacto knife and cut the outlet or switch holes.


Then, continue to add layers of Mod Podge, letting dry a bit between each layer.

This is my almost finished plate. I still need to work on the edges and apply a few more coats, but so far so good!



Books, Books, Books

I am one to judge a book by it’s cover. Literally. I am drawn to books that are visually enticing. I chose them by the jacket color, the illustration, the size, the number of pages. As an avid reader, I also like to physically see the book so that I know whether or not I have read it. Owning a Nook makes it difficult for me to select my reads. So much more convenient than trying to load up the kids and go to the book store. Better than trying to make a selection with the seven year old yelling “but mooom, over here!”
But still, I find it difficult.
Recently I selected the novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I had never read her work before and had no idea that this was actually her third book. The story of a missing wife and a failing marriage and how the husband looks increasingly guilty as the investigation wears on. I LOVED it. Well written, impossible to guess, and completely captivating.

After reading Gone Girl I went back to search other novels by Flynn. My next selection was Dark Places.

A woman confronting her past, looking for answers regarding the mid-night slayings of her mother and two sisters. Again, amazing!


This morning during nap time I finished up Sharp Objects, which was actually Flynn’s debut novel. Again, I couldn’t put it down. Completely captivating.


It’s not often that I hit upon an author that I can’t get enough of. One that is so captivating that I could devour an entire novel in one sitting. (If I had endless alone time and nothing to do.)

My only regret in reading these three novels so quickly is that I am finished, and there are no more. We definitely need another Gillian Flynn book!


We’ve had this insane fly problem for like three days now. No idea why. The trash is in a cupboard and is not overflowing. The doors are closed. There are no dishes piled in my sink. We just have flies.

So this morning, after hanging fly tape last night and catching about four, I decided I needed to take some serious action. I got online and googled “how to kill house flies.” Hundreds of sites popped up, and so I set about making home made fly traps with my son.

The first, a jar filled with water, white sugar, brown sugar, and mashed banana, all things flies are sure to be attracted to, only worked if we took the lid off, let a fly in, snapped the lid on and swished him into the substance. VERY time consuming and only fun for the kid for about 10 minutes.


The second, simple enough, cut off the bottom portion of a water bottle and add apple cider vinegar and sugar. It didn’t work.


So then upon checking more sites I found one that said to spray the fly with hairspray, making it unable to fly, and then vacuum it up with the hose attachment.
And so I armed the kid with a can of hairspray, got out the vacuum attachment, and instructed him to start spraying on my word, “GO!”


Well I’m proud to say that the house is now pretty much fly free, and A wants to be an exterminator when he grows up.



And now I most go mop the floors and clean the window sills and wrangle the can of hairspray away from the kid!

Follow up to WTF



Well guys, my old friend xeroxlore is back with a new name. WTF? How do you block someone that actually changes names to get to you? Getting creepy…suggestions?


So first day out on the river husband hits a sandbar, $1500.00 worth of damage to the boat. If ever I need you all to pull together and wish the poops on someone, it is now!!! Because the thing is, I know husband. He was fiddling with the radio, his attention was on the person speaking to him or he was reading an email on his phone. Because that is how husband rolls.