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I have a million and one things to do in the next hour and yet I’m sitting here obsessing. Bio dad has decided he is going to fight..for now..
His services termed, he now has to pay for ALL of them on his own. I’m not sure how he is going to swing paying for everything with no job and no home. He has had a falling out with his family because they will not help him.
It is sad that he has no support system, but then again, it’s possible that even they feel that him fathering her is not at all for the best. It’s not just that he is homeless and jobless, it is that he is completely mentally unstable as well. If he got a job, could he hold it? I don’t know. He hasnt been able to yet.
I am so afraid. I hate that these people didn’t care enough to step in when she was two or three months old. I hate that they could suddenly step in and take her now if he is able to talk them into it at the eleventh hour.
I hate that he didn’t just work his damn case plan in the last 7 months before we were even called.
I hate to think that this happy, healthy baby, so different than the one we picked up nearly two months ago, could go back to living in those less than adequate conditions.
I am scared.

She LOVES her brother!


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  1. What an intense, insane journey. So many ups and downs. Thinking of you as you ride this roller coaster. Hugs.

  2. Who are you? And seriously, why do you continue to follow this woman’s journey if you are so enraged by it? I really do not understand.

  3. I am appalled that some people actually take time out of their day to purposefully be cruel to others.

  4. I’m so sorry, I hope this works out for you! It’s just like when ours finally got a lawyer and a continuance six days before court. It’s so hard to be so close to being officially a family and then have to worry all over again that someone will be able to take it away.

  5. OMG with that commenter. Enough is enough. Can you block her? I am all about open comments but her goal is to hurt and nothing else. Block the B or turn on moderation and DONT READ her comments. Seriously. There is nothing constructive whatsoever. She is a sad, sad person who is clearly misinformed and immature. Once she stops getting published, I bet she goes away.

    But enough of that! The real reason I came to comment – Bio Dad. The reality is he will likely fade away but the bright side is, when baby girl is an adult (or whenever you decide to – that is if you decide to), you can tell her her biological father tried to be a part of her life or at one time wanted to. Or something like that. You and your husband are her parents now. And she is a very lucky little lady to have you. Don’t ever forget that.


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