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Update June 5 Hearing

Well I was wrong. The judge terminated services for the bio parents. We now have 120 days to wait for the Termination of Parental Rights hearing.
In a way, I’m now even more afraid. Does it make sense that I’m terrified that a family member is suddenly going to say “whoa, the state is serious, I’d better step in and do something now”.

In a way I also feel guilty and sad for her bio parents. Her dad especially. I think it’s because I’ve actually met him, and meeting him has made him a real person and not just an idea or a thought. He is real and he is suffering. I know this and I am empathetic.

But at the same time I am in love and I am selfish and I want this little girl to be a part of my forever family.

I will continue to pray that this all works out for us. We love her so incredibly much.


About Tricia #GrowingUpNelson

First grandaughter, mother of two, lover of books and bad music, aspiring to be a mostly vegan always vegetarian. Nearly 365 days Xanax free and hating it. #GrowingUpNelson

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  1. My thoughts are with you and your family. my fingers are still crossed too.

  2. I am hoping so very hard for you. I will be thinking of you and anxious to see what happens in 120 days.

  3. It makes sense. It will probably not be an easy 120 days but I hope that everything goes smoothly for you and that she is yours forever.

  4. I don’t think it’s selfish to want her as part of your forever family. She’s become a huge part of your life and you have truly been her parents since she came to stay with you. I’m sure the next 120 days will be hard, but I hope you get good news at the end of it.

  5. Oh my god!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!! Sad, absolutely. But very exciting for you and baby girl. 🙂

  6. Wow. Such an amazing story. I hope TPR happens as scheduled. It’ll be a tough wait, but it’ll be so worth it after it’s done and you can rest easy knowing she is yours forever. I’d be feeling the same way you are about the situation. Stay strong and try to focus your energy into being the best mommy ever. Sounds like you already are. 🙂


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