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So today I got a call from guess who….my adoption worker. We have a possible match. A one year old little girl moving toward adoption and termination of parental rights. WTF DO I DO GUYS????


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  1. Oh my…there are no words. I would really love to give you advice at the moment but I am at a loss. Did they know you were still pursuing fertility treatments? When is your next beta?

    • No. We started the adoption process 2 years ago, and decided on pursuing fertility treatments a year ago cus it felt like we’d never get a call. We went both directions and figured what is meant to be is what will happen. I didn’t realize it would all happen in one week. Beta 2 is tomorrow. No idea which direction it will have gone. I think I’m going to trust in God on this one. There has to be a reason this is happening in this way.

    • I haven’t heard from the social worker in forever. I honestly thought we were forgotten in a long lost pile.

      • I think it is exciting! Life can take an interesting turn and you never know what could happen! It would be interesting to at least learn more about the situation. Eep!

        Btw- If your comfortable I was wondering what the name of your agency was. I know you live in So Cal and we’ve been interested in talking to an agency. If your not comfortable no biggie 😉

      • I dont mind at all. We did the foster to adopt program through our county. Reason being that social services gets called first if a parent wants to relinquish a child and the hard to place children go to the agencies. (At least in our area, that may not be true everywhere). We researched a lot and spoke with a lot of adoptive families and even met with an agency before deciding to go county. We did not feel comfortable going the birth mother route. We will find out more thur but this birth mother is a repeat “offender” several times over and has had many children placed, so this baby is ready to have parental rights terminated without waiting the 6mo California makes you wait for family to come forward. They already know there is no family because of the history. It’s the lowest risk possible which is what we asked for and why it’s taken so long for a possible placement. I am getting more and more excited by the minute. If husband wasn’t so level headed I’d be at target buying the store out right now =) I want her to be ours already and I haven’t even seen her!!

      • That really sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to hear how it goes on Thursday!

  2. I think it t is actually exciting news. Maybe you actually want 3 kids? You could become an IF urban legend, you know the one where you decide to adpot and bam get pregant too. I would pray and look for guidance.

  3. I don’t know what your ultimate plans, are, but we would snap her up! We’ve always planned to adopt if we can, no matter how fertility treatments go, and I actually dreamed something like this happening to us last night. Good luck with your decision!

  4. Just catching up here and holy cow! First: I’m so happy for the BFP! Refresh my memory: was this an FET? This gives me hope 🙂

    Second: Don’t let fertility boards bring you down. I cancelled my subscription to FF specifically because of the politics and harshness. You come here to your bloggers. Leave those boards alone!

    Third: I am overwhelmed by the adoption news! I believe everything happens for a reason. Enjoy this moment of excitement and let us know how the meeting goes on Thursday. (((((Hugs)))))

    • April, snatching her up is exactly what I intend to do if all goes well on Thur. I just shot an email to the social worker asking when we can have her if all goes well. =)
      Belle, yes it was an FET. And yes a “cautious” BFP. My beta was only 82 so today’s number is a biggie. I’m so nervous, I’m so ecstatic, I can’t even begin to explain all my emotions. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I really hope this little girl is meant to be ours!
      I’m really scared that if I am pregnant they won’t let me have her or will take her away from me! But there is NO WAY I’m turning this down when I have no idea what Is going to happen with this pregnancy anyway. Here in infertility land we often very unfortunately feel that we can’t trust our +’s. I can’t imagine being so blessed as to be able to adopt AND carry this one to term. It is truly a dream come true. Im so used to things going wrong over the past 3 years, it’s hard to imagine I’m being blessed like this!!


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