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Black Friday Winnings and Other Stuff

I am so excited for this blog award thing going around because I love being introduced to new people! Once things settle down I have some serious reading to do!

I am sitting at the hospital with my sister in the waiting room. The last half hour before mom’s next dose of pain meds is rough and she just wants to be alone. A bit selfishly, I would like to head home. However, I will stay for my sister so that she has a bit more time to visit.
What I’d really like to be doing is going on a run and working on these ginormous thighs that two weeks of sitting and cafeteria food have given me. I feel disgusting physically and my pants are becoming a tad too snug. I can not diet, but I need to do something before I actually grow out of them. I have gained far too much weight since I started this ART process way back when.

In completely unrelated news, husband won $500 from a scratcher at Sports Authority on black Friday. FREE TRAMPOLINE!!! I couldn’t believe his luck. We are the people that never win anything. So the kids “big” gift is taken care of and not a dime spent. LOVE IT!

On the fertility front I’m up to 4mg estrace a day and can’t remember if I took my folic acid and aspirin this morning. Do I re-dose just in case or skip it?! Same ole boring symptoms, cervical mucous and acne mostly. Breasts starting to become a bit sore.

Hope all is well out there with all of you! Thank you all for your kind words and support!


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  1. Doing something for yourself is important. If you need to run, go run!

    I wouldn’t think accidentally doubling up on folic acid or aspirin would hurt, but I’m not a doc so I dunno for sure!

  2. ricecakesandredemption

    So glad to here you had some good news – trampolines are AWESOME. I remember that crazy bloat from IVF drugs – so uncomfortable. Good vibes are coming your way.

  3. OMG! I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! You must be so exhausted. I’m so sorry you all are going through this at all, much less while there’s so much more happening.

    I work at a cancer clinic, and your mom is going through the worst of it all now. Hopefully once she’s healed and the chemo is over, she’ll get to feeling stronger and more hopeful. It sucks she’s making it so hard on you and everyone who just wants to be there for her. We see anger a lot, it’s just one of the suckiest stages and she just has to get through it.

    On the TTC front, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you all! You DO have a rock star uterus! 🙂

    • wow. I can honestly say that being on the oncology unit at the hospital I met some of the most amazing and compassionate people I have ever met. You must be one of those people! That you for your encouragement, I really appreciate this. Its all new for me (and for her) and its hard. I have a 12 year old sister in the middle of all of this too. My mom is only 51. Young.


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