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Nov 17

We have surgery scheduled “tentatively” for Saturday. This is such a mess, I can’t even begin to explain insurance issues, etc, that I am currently in charge of figuring out. Luckily the doctor performing the surgery is kind and the social worker helping me us the kindest. It’s all so surreal.

On the fertility front, day 2 of estrogen, and majorly glad I’m in a hospital for when I pass out from blood loss. I am toast. I can’t even concentrate and I need to go home but how do I do that? I am in charge of all of this. I am over it. But now I’m not allowed to drive per husband because I’m too tired.

Ok I managed to get home since writing that first part and plan to shower, put on my comfiest clothes and veg. The past few days have been a cake walk compared to the days to come.

I must rest.


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  1. You absolutely must rest and take care of yourself. Your mother needs the strongest, most together you ever. Staying rested and eating well (tis not the time to skip meals we learned!) will help you through this time. *hugs*


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