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Go Time!

81mg aspirin-check!
4mg folic acid-check!
…And away we go!
The FET consult went well. I have my calendar. I ran to the pharmacy today and picked up the Lupron, which I start tomorrow. The nurse said the most common side effect is headaches and that I won’t be on it long enough to experience much else. Is she lying??
I am so excited to get started, but SO scared. My insurance covers estrace and both oral and vaginal progesterone so my biggest medication expense for the FET is the 10 day supply of Lupron at $149.00. Way better than the $2200 from my fresh cycle!! That’s a definite bonus!
I feel kind of calm right now. Like it will either work or it won’t. I can’t control it. There is nothing I can do to make it work. It will or it won’t. Yes, you can direct me back to this statement in a week or two. But for now, I’m ok with it.


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First grandaughter, mother of two, lover of books and bad music, aspiring to be a mostly vegan always vegetarian. Nearly 365 days Xanax free and hating it. #GrowingUpNelson

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  1. How long until you know if it works? We will keep our fingers and toes crossed for you!!!

    • I will have an appt on the 22nd. If my uterine lining is at least 8mm thick we will continue with the cycle. It should be-no lining problems last time. So they stop your body completely with Lupron and then mimic the body’s natural cycle with estrogen and progesterone supplements. My embryos are *6 days old* so they transfer them at whatever 6 days post ovulation would be. I have no idea how they figure that. All numbers I guess. =)

  2. Oh and then they should implant within 24 hours, test 11 days post transfer

  3. Woot woot! I’m excited for you!


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