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Quick SHG question!!!

I had the SHG yesterday AM. I was given 3 tablets of an antibiotic, 2 to take yesterday and 1 for today, just to prevent infection. Like I said it didn’t really hurt, but I did take a vicodin a 1/2 hour before. Since last night I have been having uterine cramping. I know that I should be on my period (I take my pills consecutively with no break) and sometimes this gives me cramps when I should be having my period. But its sort of a “different” feeling than menstural cramps. Anyone else who has had the SHG, did you feel “sore” and “uncomfortable” this long after? I know there is little chance of infection and like I said I am on the antibiotics, but I don’t like the way it feels. But then, I’m a paranoid freak about anything that could go wrong…sooooo, advice, ideas from anyone who has had it done?


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  1. Hmm I didn’t have any cramping at after about 2 hours. I only took some tylenol. My doctor also did not prescribe an antibiotic.

    I am sure you are fine, I know I felt that way after my HSG test.

    By the way, I am glad you are back and feel all refreshed. It is amazing what some vacation time can do for the spirits.

  2. It’s been a long time since I have had an HSG but I don’t remember cramping for long afterwards.

  3. Is that the hysterosalpingogram? I had some cramping but after I took some ibproufen I felt better. Unfortunately I’m not sure how long it lasted.

  4. Ummm, I think I had one of those in the lead up the IVF to make sure all was in working order – definitely saline solution – and yes I think I had a bit of cramping but I’m pretty sure only on the day. The doctor had told me to take naprogesic (which is specifically for period pain) before the thing. Hmm. They didn’t give me antibiotics though, that seems super cautious. They found that I had polyps on that occasion, so I had another procedure to get rid of them which was virtually painless.
    Good luck.


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