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What Have You Done to “UP” your Chances?

We’ve all done things to increase out chances of conceiving. Mainstream, not so mainstream, and possibly even down right wierd. I have, in no particular order;
1) laid on my stomach for a 1/2 Hour due to tilted cervix-the early days.
2) laid with my feet in the air-the early days.
3) OPKs
4) 1 year of temp charting
5) cervical mucous monitoring
6) robitussin/mucinex
7) $400 worth of Proxeed for husband.
8) Instead Cups (if my 8 is really showing up as a smiley face when I hit publish I don’t know why)
9) the Conception Cap
10) Chinese herbs
11) acupuncture
12) no caffiene
13)Ate pineapple after transfer.
14)Acupuncture day of transfer, twice.
15)vitamins galore
I’m sure there are other things that I’ve done that just aren’t comin to mind…what are some of the things that you’ve done?


About Tricia #GrowingUpNelson

First grandaughter, mother of two, lover of books and bad music, aspiring to be a mostly vegan always vegetarian. Nearly 365 days Xanax free and hating it. #GrowingUpNelson

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  1. Pearl dust. Yes, ground pearls. Just a touch on the tongue every day. That was last year. Hubby works at a real Chinese restaurant owned by a real Chinese guy, so they get some weird stuff in sometimes.

    I’m currently wearing the smoky quartz ring my
    Mom ordered me from one of those catalogs with all the magic crystals and velvet dresses. If it works you can borrow it.

  2. Oh yeah, castor oil packs and Epsom salt baths..

  3. I have not gone as far as giving up caffeine yet. I shudder at the thought. DH keeps reminding me that I will need to if we get pregnant but I tell him then it is worth it. Until then let me have my fix!

  4. Early on I read that some have gotten pregnant after using egg whites as a lubricant. Yes, egg whites. How nasty is that? I was just on the verge of trying it when we had our first RE appointment. Fortunately he knew lack of cervical mucous wasn’t our real issue right away and I ended up shooting myself up with Gonal F instead inserting egg whites in my hoohah. Eww, so disgusting to even think about.

    • I read about the egg white thing too, but never tried it. CM wasnt really a problem for me. Of course even though it wasnt a problem, that didnt stop me from taking robitussin so I guess really the only thing that stopped me was the grossness of the egg whites. Im willing to try quite alot with only a minimal chance of it helping, but that crosses the line for me. =)

  5. Yoga, acupuncture, vitamin D, elevating pelvis, pre-seed, going to a baby psychic. Yes. I went to a baby psychic.

  6. Love this!

    I’m not as far as others…..
    – feet up
    – more exercise
    – less exercise
    – 5 rounds of Clomid
    – 3X day metformin
    – 1 IUI with Fermera
    – next IUI with HCG injection in the next week!

  7. I’ve done pretty much everything on your list. My favorites were keeping my feet up for 30 minutes and eating pineappple. It seems to be the Follistim that is the only way to up my odds! If we could just get a sticky one next time.

  8. I’ve done alot of that too. Including jumping up and down once to see if my boobs were still slightly sore. Spent hundreds of dollars on fertilaid, had sex in the morning, in the evening, every other day….haven’t tried the pineapple though. Hmmm

  9. well, given I haven’t had a positive result perhaps my opinion has no weight… but – yoga and meditation are great for dealing with the uncertainty and mind-f#ck that goes with the territory.

    Also – re your previous post about Lupron – I presume its the same as Lucrin, probably just a different manufacturer in Australia. Anyway, I’m on that and had minor effects the first time, and none this time since I upped the acupuncture sessions to twice a week. It’s awesome!

    Good luck!

    • I did acupuncture before and during my first cycle. I haven’t been back since but know I need to go. I definately makes me feel better and I like to think it will help! Thanks for looking at my blog and responding! =)


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