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The Dentist and 16 and Pregnant; AKA Why My Day Sucked

I apologize in advance for iPhone typos…
Today I sat in the dentist’s chair for four and a half hours. FOUR AND A HALF. I was really bummed that I had to go because I thought I had a cavity. Oh how I wish now that it had only been a cavity. I am not that lucky. What I had was a bad filling. And a bit of an issue with my gums. Taking the “I want to be pregnant and want no part in anything that could affect a pregnancy” route, I opted for some serious gum cleaning as well as the drilling out of my old filling and putting in a new. Let’s put it this way. I told husband that if he is ever faced with chosing between the gum cleaning or dying of a gum disease related infection, take the dying of gum disease option.

So after my 4.5 hours in the chair, I had only an hour to kill before picking up the kid from school. I decided to hit up Walmart for some cheap groceries (because I just spent all my money to pay someone to torture me by shoving stabby things into my gums for hours on end). So as I’m shopping for canned goods, the novacaine is wearing off. I’m very unhappy. Uncomfortable. I come across teen mom, her newborn, and teen mom’s mom, arguing over what is healthy for teen mom to eat while breadtfeeding. Teen mom and her mom continue this argument down every isle. No matter which way I turn, there is pouty teen mom and her probably very frustrated and tired mom. I just, I can’t even express my annoyance. I am not in high school. I am married. I have a home. (I was once even financially stable until IF reared it’s ugly head!). So there I am, in walmart, in pain, jelous of 16 and pregnant.


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  1. Oh dear God, I have had those gum cleanings. I get them regularly for my funky gums. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to have all the teeth yanked out and new ones screwed in… but that would take my IVF money! 🙂 Glad you got your chompers cleaned, and I’m so sorry it hurt. I think it is a good reason for milkshakes for dinner (Followed by a diligent brushing, of course!)

    • Im still so sore and it hurts to eat or brush my teeth! It seems like every time I get a little in the FET pot something comes up. Like the mess that is my mouth. ugh! =) Im not even stressing about it, at least trying hard not too, It’ll all work out eventually. I hope.

  2. It’s a toss-up who is more evil, gynecologists or dentists. Or maybe it’s 16 year olds who can get knocked up for free.

  3. Ah, the irony of timing. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go for the gum cleaning myself, pronto.


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