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Laying Here all Hopped Up on…

Vitamin E
Fish Oil
81mg aspirin
1 castor oil pack and 1 heating pad. PLEASE cramps go away, PLEASE endo, humor me and stay away for a while longer.
PLEASE body and mind stop being so tired and start being able to deal with normal daily life again! AND PLEASE let me start being able to stay awake at normal times of the day and stop keeping me up all night.
Thank you.


About Tricia #GrowingUpNelson

First grandaughter, mother of two, lover of books and bad music, aspiring to be a mostly vegan always vegetarian. Nearly 365 days Xanax free and hating it. #GrowingUpNelson

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  1. Argh, I’m so sorry you’re feeling bad. I hope the RE has some answers for you (and actually SEES you!). I hope the endo has stayed away!

    I just took a prenatal vitamin with fish oil in it. It was a sample I got somewhere in the past. Now I’ve been burping fish oil all night. Ugh.

  2. Thank you!!!!
    I have an odor free fish oil and it really doesn’t smell or cause any taste. I have to be careful with prenatals they WRECK my stomach quite easily.


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