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Oops I forgot a title

I’m feeling very crampy today. Very pressure-y. Very endometriosis-y. I don’t like it. Not ONE bit. It actually promted me to finally make the call to make my WTF appointment. I am on birth control to keep the endo from growing until I decide to cycle again. Why am I feeling crampy, pressure-y and endometriosis-y one and a half weeks before my “week off”? Anyway, I did call, and hearing the sound of the receptionists voice very nearly brought me to tears. How much time have I spent on the phone with her? Wasn’t she there and bringing me tissues when not only did I learn of the “fetal demise” but had to immediately get on the phone and start fighting with my insurance company rather than allowing the news to sink in? Yup, she has been there through it all, good and bad. And just her voice brought me back to that. The good and the bad. The hope and the heartbreak. So anyway, I will be going in on Oct 4th at 11:30am to FINALLY speak with my doctor. That is one think I can say, I kinda mind about this clinic. I have only seen my doctor 3 times. The initial consultation, the laparoscopy day and the Embryo Transfer day. (The Egg Retrieval was performed by his partner, so technially, I did see a doc, but not MINE). He didn’t even come in when I learned that I was miscarrying from the NP. Is it wrong that that rubs me the wrong way? So ya, anyway, thats the day. Seeing as it is at 11:30 I will probably end up going on my own because it is harder for husband to break away mid-day, especially since his job takes him through three different counties in Southern California, with the county of my clinic being his least visited, so it could be kinda hard for him. Thats ok though, seeing as I’m pretty much a reproductive specialist myself these days, I think I can handle it.

Anyway, anyone with some good advice on questions to ask, I’m open to suggestions! I want to cover all my bases and hopefully have a successful next try!!


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First grandaughter, mother of two, lover of books and bad music, aspiring to be a mostly vegan always vegetarian. Nearly 365 days Xanax free and hating it. #GrowingUpNelson

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  1. So, thats your fertility doctor you’ve only seen 3 times? That does seem strange. I would think that kind of doctor would be more personal, more friendly and wanting to know his/her patients. My OB-GYN, is kind of a non-official fertility specialist and I’ve heard people talk about how compassionate he is. He and his wife had a really hard time conceiving, so he has empathy for the women he treats. I wish more doctors would try to be a little more compassionate….

    • Yes, and I know they go through the whole “Just because we don’t see you at every appointment doesnt mean that we’re not following your case closely.” And his staff is great. But um ya. Seeing him that day may have been helpful rather than like I said, the NP. I had to request to see and speak with him at this next appointment and not just start back up on meds for another cycle. NO, IM NOT JUST DOING ANOTHER CYCLE without having a conversation with an actual doctor about what went wrong! seriously! i HATE this!


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