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New York Times “Making Laws About Making Babies”

The New York Times Opinion Pages posted a debate article, “Making Laws About Making Babies” this morning.

Should fertility treatments be further regulated in the US? The debate stems from the recent news report of a man that may have possibly fathered upward of 150 children through sperm donation.

Read the debate. Read the comments…Man, I am in no mood this morning and there are some moronic comments. And I’m talking moronic as in us infertiles should either adopt or buy a puppy. But there are some good ones too.

And here is a link to a blog from one of the commenters that particularly pissed me off.

And here are two responses he posted from two different women who responded to his blog. One who IS infertile (wow! imagine someone who has actually been through it sharing an opinion rather than just a bunch of idiots who have NO IDEA what it is like) and one woman on the same side of the fence as him.

The funny thing is, the respose that is AGAINST his beliefs is so much more thoughtful and well written than the post that supports his beliefs and likens fertility treatments to picking a puppy from a breader rather than adopting one from a shelter, and actually states that she would like to see a 5 year global moratorium on ALL human reproduction…Wait, did I read that right? If it were me, I probably wouldn’t have called attention to the fact that the one person supporting me is obviously a lunatic with a strong affection for puppies…

And anyway, WHAT IS IT with these anti-infertiles comparing our wanting to have children with getting puppies?


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  1. I am the writer of the Assassin Bug. I have children, I am a veterinarian, and I would never compare animal life to human life. However, not everyone agrees with me, and I post those opinions as well, as long as they don’t pass a certain line of civility (my call). And everyone, myself, children, and yes, the infertile, have to understand that not every sadness felt in life requires a public policy that lessens that person’s particular pain. In an era of limited resources, this remedy is certainly up for debate.

    • Richard,
      Nice to meet you. I am one of those infertiles of which so many on the NY Times post mentioned should go ahead and get a puppy. I do agree with you that not “every sadness felt in life requires a public policy”…ABSOLUTELY. I am also 100% in favor of adoption, but I am also 100% in favor of ART. I was already lucky enough to conceive one biological child and will deal with whatever hand is dealt to me. I do not feel that adopted children are “substandard” as I believe one who commented stated, and I truely believe that I will be lucky to have ANY child placed in my arms, to be given the chance to raise ANY child, regardless of biology. We began trying to adopt a child long before we considered ART. ART was actually our second choice but in California, its just not that easy. Everyone talks about all the kids sitting around waiting to be placed. Maybe they are. But it took NINE months for my fingerprints to clear. It took SIX months to get into classes. I STILL havent had my home inspected, as my county has only one home inspector to cover roughly 7300 miles of territory.
      That being said, there are others out there who have no had the luck of being able to conceive a child on thier own. They can not and never have been able to do it on thier own. Many of them did not “wait too long”, although I’m sure some of them probably did. I didn’t wait too long. I waited until I was married and in my early/mid 20s. I HAD NO IDEA that #2 would never/could never possibly happen. Fast forward and I’m now 32. I didn’t wait too long. I have been trying SERIOUSLY, as in ok doctors, whats up? for 3 years and trying not so seriously, as in it’ll happen eventually, for a couple of years before that. Also, my age has NOTHING to do with male factor infertility, which is our major issue (although I admit not our only). I REALLY TRUELY DO BELIEVE that my particular brand of infertility SHOULD have some insurance coverage. I mean, the guy down the street with diabetes? It pays for that, right? Well maybe he should put down the pastrami on rye and go for a walk. Thats HIS choice. The guy with heart disease? Maybe he should quit smoking. Thats HIS choice. I didnt chose to be infertile. Right, ok, if you wait until you’re 50, ya, maybe you did miss that train. I’ll give you that.
      I’m really not sure why your post made me the most angry. I think mostly because it was intelligent and well articulated. And I don’t meant that as “damn, I’m pissed because he’s right”, I mean that as a lot of the posts were pure ignorance and so not as easy to get angry at. Also, you had a link to a blog that you had written previously. I liked that, even though your blog post pissed me off even more. I liked that you had responses to your post, and I liked that one was thoughtful and intelligent and that the other was maybe just a little loony. (This is my blog I can call it like I see it here)
      I don’t really kno what else to say from here. You are coming from what you see as a “logical” standpoint, and I get that. I am coming from an experienced and I’ll admit, more emotional standpoint. We will probably never see eye to eye. But I appreciate your opinion and I hope that you can maybe see and at least appreciate mine. Not all of us infertiles did this to ourselves. And because there is something wrong with us that makes us unable to conceive without some help, doesnt mean that we shouldn’t be allowed to conceive at all.


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