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Every morning when I wake up I use my iphone to check my emails and read  the news celebrity gossip sites.  So when I checked this morning I found it random that The Hollywood Gossip would report on the fact that Girls Next Door playmate Bridgette Marquardt froze her eggs as “insurance” for having children three years ago, at 34.

“It wasn’t that easy,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s a lot of medication, a  lot of hormones. You have to inject yourself in the stomach and I’m so terrified  of needles! It was a difficult thing for me to do.”
“I don’t feel that clock ticking,” says the model, who is dating Nicholas  Carpenter. “I’m not really worried about it. At the same time I would like  to have kids someday, but I’m not one of those people who’s dying to have kids.  If it doesn’t happen or if I decide to adopt later, that’s fine, too.”

Is it wrong that my first thought was, “gosh, some people will do anything to remain relevant”. With all of these celebs coming out with thier infertility and IVF experiences, it is sort of becoming a less taboo subject, but, is it becoming, I dunno, cool?

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand the reason for her doing it. I can understand knowing that she wasn’t in a place in her life where she wanted to have kids, but being smart enough to prepare for the future. Her choice, her perogative.

I guess my point is that I really don’t understand why all of the sudden the story is in the current issue of Us Weekly and is being picked up by celeb gossip sites. Like when Juliana Rancic came out with her infertility struggles, I wasn’t all “Oh gosh, stupid E! News reporter, way to just steal the thunder of all of us non-famous IVFers”. No. I was grateful for her strength and her story and her wish to let people people know that infertility is a real thing and that infertile people are not alone. Bridgette on the other hand? I feel like its a simple case of “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! IM STILL HERE AND I HAVE FROZEN EGGS!”

Am I just being snarky and cynical, or do I have maybe even a tiny little point?

Oh and just a quick afterthought…Did Bridgette do the egg harvesting at the same time Holly was going through IVF trying to conceive Hef’s child? I haven’t done the research to know of course, but OMG, could you imagine the LIVING HELL of two women (super skinny playmate women, not used to being bloated,  not used to not being able to control their cravings, and not used to having to worry about looking and or feeling like a giant fat ball or insanity hormones) under one roof? I would like to have seen THAT episode.

Quotes taken from The Hollywood Gossip wesite (Sorry, I majored in English, and I’m still terrified of failing over not citing a source!)


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