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I just read this New York Times article and I have to say that I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Here is the link:

So maybe it hits a little close to home because of the fact that I just lost my pregnancy after IVF. Maybe it just disgusts me because this woman, at 45, is basically chosing to electively abort one HEALTHY twin because of her energy levels and financial status. Ok. 1, if at 45 you feel you are too old to be chasing 2 babies around, I’m sorry but maybe you are too old to even be chasing 1 around. That is just a Piss-poor excuse. 2) Maybe you should have thought of that before transferring two embryos. You can electively do a single embryo transfer. Resulting in guess what? ONE infant. How selfish can you be? Let’s transfer more than one embryo in order to increase our odds, but then let’s KILL one of them if they both take. 3) Financial reasons? Yes it’s expensive to have a kid and I’m sure it’s doubly
expensive when there’s two. I thought of that quite a bit Myself. But you know what else is expensive? IVF. Your paying thousands upon thousands to do something that everyone else it seems, gets to do for free. You’ve got
to want it pretty dang bad. So who spends THAT much money to
electively abort a HEALTHY fetus. I’ll say it again.
HEALTHY. No health concerns for mom or baby.

Now I have to say here that I am pro-choice. Only in that I
don’t believe that the government should have the right to make that decision for a woman. There are health reasons that warrant abortion. Acts of incest and rape result in
conception every day and in my opinion any woman who has
endured such physical and emotional violence should have the
right to chose. Now my own personal moral views? People who use abortion as a form of birth control disgust me. Birth control is actually pretty cheap and hey, you can even get it for free if you qualify. It can also be found in vending machines in gas stations and bars across the country. As far as selective reduction, i don’t know how I would be able to do a selective reduction. I can’t even think about it. All I know is that the reason would have to be a pretty damned good one.Like I or my unborn children would die if i didnt do it. I certaintly wouldn’t do it just because having two babies would cramp my style.


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